Avanti Talent Search Examination is ONLINE this year 
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Test Date - 27th September 2020


Understand your present level of preparation at the National Level
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Concept-wise evaluation to identify specific problem areas
Upto 100% Scholarships to be won based on merit on National Level


Q1: How will I take ATSE during COVID-19 pandemic?
A: Since ATSE is ONLINE this year, you can take the test from the comfort of your house. All you need is a laptop/desktop and a stable internet connection. Once you register here, you'll receive an email with your login credentials to take the test shortly which you can use to go on avanti portal and then take the test.

Q2: How much is the registration fee for ATSE?
A: Registration for ATSE is completely FREE of cost.

Q3: How can I avail scholarships?
A: Scholarships can only be availed after enrolling in one of the full year Online/Offline courses at Avanti.

Q4: Can I use a mobile to take the test?
A: For best experience, we recommend taking the test on laptop or desktop.

Q5: What if someone tries to cheat in the exam?
A: Questions are designed in such a way that it's not easy to find the exact solution anywhere in such a short time. You also cannot use any other app on your device while taking the test.

Q6: Whom should I contact in case of queries?
A: Please call our student helpline on +91-8268049991 to get any of your queries related to ATSE resolved.

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Avanti Achievers

Chirantandip Mahanta
99.81%ile in JEE Main 2019 
Chandrika Varshney
AIR 401 NEET 2019
AIR 919 AIIMS 2019
Naman Arora
AIR 1809 JEE Adv 2019